B2B content shouldn't bore people to death

The internet is full of jargon-laden B2B fluff that serves no purpose other than sucking your marketing budget. If you want a refreshing voice for your business, let's talk.

Hi, I am Shiv.

I don't just write about the SaaS world, I have been right in the thick of things for 6+ years. In 2014, I joined an unknown startup called Taskworld as a content writer. In the following 6 years, Taskworld grew from an internal tool to one of the world's leading project management software with 4000+ customers.


During this time, I took on roles in all major SaaS functions (fortunately except coding), eventually leading Taskworld's global operations. Now I use my B2B content background and real-world SaaS experience to create conversion-optimized content for startups worldwide.


Here's what I can do for you...



I have written over 100 articles for B2B businesses worldwide and my content has featured on publications like Taskworld, Hotjar, Recruiter, SnackNation, and Showaround.

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Lead Generation

Whitepapers, eBooks, and other forms of gated content for lead generation, including conversion-optimized copy for landing pages and ad campaigns.

Green Typewriter

User Retention

Engagement messages, testimonials, NPS surveys, product demos, review campaigns, and user guides.

Man at Desk

UX Writing

Microcopy, in-app messages and user onboarding. I created the in-app copy for Taskworld which has won awards for user interface from Capterra, Software Suggest, and Finances Online.

Blog Samples

Check out a few of my recent posts.

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eBook - The 10 Commandments of Email Marketing & In-App Messaging

A carefully crafted eBook to save you some of the headaches we experienced learning how to send more interesting and engaging messages to our app users.

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Anri Digholm, Head of Engineering at Raksul

Shiv is one of those guys that just gets things really quickly. He immediately understands what is a priority, what's not, and always demonstrates good judgment.

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